Usonicig Rhythm Kit

R130.43 – R1,355.65

2,400,000 vibrations per second

The Usonicig Rythym is based on the principle of Ultra-high frequency ceramic vibration, it’s ultrasonic vaping driving the E-liquid to the state of gas-liquid coexistence. The surface tension of molecular of E-liquid is decreased to the minimum. Ultra-high frequency vibration , at 2400000 hits per second,  cavitates the E-Liquid which causes the molecular bonds between the liquid molecules to be scattered. Producing a purer and smoother vapour.

Different Vapour , smoother taste

Because the surface of E-liquid is hit by ceramic vibration with ultra-high frequency and physically scattered to nanoscale molecules. Compared with heating vaping technology, the ultrasonic vaping molecules are smaller and more uniform creating a far smoother vape.

Healthier than ever

Technically, the E-liquid is physically vaporised  at a lower temperature than traditional devices, which effectively avoid the risk of harmful substances caused by heating or burning or the liquid.


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